Mya Anderson

Ankeny School District Parent

Having a child in the Ankeny School District, we have high expectations for our representatives on the local school board. With the challenges in the 20-21 academic year, especially at the local school board level, Lori Lovstad proved that she is willing to not only listen to every voice but be willing to make the hard decisions needed.


As a parent, you understand that not all decisions by a school district are going to benefit everyone, however, you want to be confident that every voice is going to be considered. Too often, it is easy for us to want our representatives to only hear the voice that we agree with. 


The good ones listen to every voice and have the integrity to be a servant-based leader for the students and teachers in every decision. Our family cannot be more proud to support Lori in her desire to continue to serve the Ankeny Community School District.

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Niki Hinton

Ankeny School District Parent

As a parent of children in Ankeny public schools, I was grateful to have Lori's leadership at School Board President during an unprecedented year. She responded to every question I emailed to her with intelligence, grace, and expediency. Lori had the strength to continue to lead us through the challenges of COVID, while also raising four of her own school-age children and working. Her strength as a leader and unwavering commitment to serving our children is commendable.

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